Our Facility

In 2017, we relocated our operations from our 65,000 square foot facility in Scarborough, Ontario to a larger 77,000 square foot facility in Markham, Ontario. The majority of our folding, inserting, cutting and stitching projects are processed through this facility.

Certain production projects are also handled by our sister company BCW Bindery, and our parent company, AdMill Group.

Our Equipment

We have an assortment of reliable, high-quality equipment that allows us to process your project quickly and efficiently.

  • 4 Stitchers
  • 7 High-Speed Inserters
  • 4 Cutters
  • 7 Folders
  • 4 Tippers (Mechanical Tipping)
  • 1 Direct Mail Inkjetter
  • 4 Electric Pallet Trucks
  • 4 Forklifts
  • 20 Hand Pump Trucks
  • 6 Loading Doors